BioGaia Sustainability Report 2021

18 BIOGAIA SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2021 Well-documented products & transparent product information Objective 2021 Did we do it Outcome 2021 Continue the work to establish a harmonised legal status for probiotics in the EU, framing the communication on probiotics towards consumers. Ongoing Continue the work for a harmonised legal definition of probiotics. Product quality and product safety Objective 2021 Did we do it Outcome 2021 All products to be declared allergen free. Partly In 2021, the number of products declared allergen free has risen by five products but does not yet include all products. Objective 2022 Priority elements in the further development of the Quality Management System will be implemented in 2022. Material use, raw materials Objective 2021 Did we do it Outcome 2021 Continue to work to develop palm oil-free variants of all products that currently contain palm oil. Ongoing Work with palm oil-free products has continued and 100% of the product range is now available as palm oil free. Continue to introduce palm oil-free product versions in all markets. Ongoing Since 2020, palm oil-free variants have been launched in 26 new markets for tablets and three new markets for drops. Continue to work on strengthening the product development process to more clearly take sustainability aspects into account. Ongoing This includes work with life-cycle assessment, packaging strategy and criteria for information to be made available by suppliers. Further evaluate recycling features of packaging solutions used. Ongoing During the year, a life-cycle assessment of packaging was conducted, a packaging strategy prepared, guidelines for sustainable products and a procedure for the ongoing evaluation of new packaging and ingredients. Continue development work within more sustainable packaging. Ongoing Objective 2022 The objective is to phase out 71% of tablets containing palm oil by the end of 2022. Long-term objectives The long-term objective is to have phased out all sales of products containing palm oil by 2025. Healthy products Summary – Healthy products CONTENTS